Frequently Asked Questions

Can I rent the equipment through the Ski School, or do you have a partner?

There are three sports retailers in Fiss, all very good. We work together with these stores, but there are no special rates for ski course participants. You find the retailers at

If I don't like the course I started in, can I switch to another style? (For example from a snowboard course to a ski course)

No problem. Please inform the ski school office, so that we can rebook the course.

Is it possible to start a course during the week?

Generally, groups are assigned on Sundays and Mondays, but intermediate skiers can start taking classes any day during the week.

Is it possible to reserve a group course with a specific instructor?

Most of the time this is not a problem, but we ask that you inform us as early as possible per phone or E-mail. With group courses we cannot guarantee that your choice of instructor is available.

How soon do we need to book a private instructor?

As soon as possible, but at least one day in advance. Should you for some reason not have booked your private instructor earlier, you are always welcome to ask if someone is available. You can make your reservations over phone, by E-mail or in person at the ski school office.

Is it possible to have lunch supervision on single days?

Yes, but we ask you to purchase it a day in advance (or at the very latest in the morning before classes begin) at the ski school office.

From what age can children participate in ski courses?

From 3 years old.
For three-year-olds we offer a half-day course (Bambini), while the older children have class all day. We recommend that children should be between 6-8 years old for the snowboard course, but younger children are also welcome.

What's the difference between an introduction course and a regular course? 

The difference is that the introduction card costs less so that the child has the opportunity to try if they like it or not. If the course is extended for more days, the price for this card is deducted from the normal course rates.

Why don't you offer a half-day group course?

We used to offer half-day courses, but from experience the participants get more out of a full-day course as opposed to a half day.

Do you have Dutch and English speaking instructors?

We have Dutch ski instructors, and some of the Austrian staff also speaks a little bit of Dutch. Most of our ski instructors speak at least some English (some are even native speakers). We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to an instructor that speaks your language, but please let us know your preferences. We will try to accommodate your wishes.

Do I have to make reservations in advance for group courses?

Generally we have enough space in the group courses. We recommend that you register online to speed up the registration process at the ski school office.

Do I have to take classes on consecutive days?

Classes should be taken consecutively, because your group will learn new things every day. Should you skip days you might have to change groups. Please consult your ski instructor.

Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, EC-Card and cash.

Is it possible to take a one day class?

We recommend at least three days; then you also have the benefit of only paying the difference should you wish to extend the course. The course program is developed for a full week. We highly recommend that beginners take a 3-5 day course, so that you have some basic skills to safely bring you down the slopes.

Is the Ski Pass included in the Ski Lesson?

Ski Passes are sold separately. All children need a Ski Pass. Please check the conditions for ski passes at the lift company


Do novices need a Ski Pass?

Yes. Everyone needs a Ski Pass to use the lift facilities. Novices should buy a one-day ticket for the first day of the course. The ski instructor will advise you after class which ticket type is the most suitable for you.

Do you offer half-day lessons?

We offer half-day lessons for Bambinis (3-year-olds), nordic skiing and private instruction. All other lessons are four hours long (two hours in the morning, two hours in the afternoon).

Can you place our children in the same group?

Group assignment is generally based on skill and age. If your children have approximately the same skills level, please inform us at the group assignment and we will do our best to place them in the same group! Should one child ski better, this child must then care for the other(s) during the lessons.

Do we have to take the 5-6 day lesson, or is it possible to take a shorter lesson?

The group programs are designed for week-long participation, with ski races and fun at the end of the week. It makes sense to take part in all the fun! But of course you can also choose fewer days.

Will I pay a higher price if I first book a three-day lesson, and then add on two days, compared to booking the full week all at once?

No! When you book a course at least three days long, you can choose to add on days and only pay the difference. In other words: You pay the same price as you would if you had booked the full week.

Is it realistic for both parents and children to take ski courses?

Yes! The meeting point for adult courses are within a very close proximity to the meeting point for the kids, meaning that the drop off and pick up should not be an issue.

How do you assign groups?

Most of our guests have been here before. All guest receive a technique pass, which saves information about which courses have already been taken. First-timers are evaluated (asked) and then assigned into groups according to skill level, age and language. There is no problem to change group, should the class not be suitable.

Are the course rates refunded if the children do not have fun?

Generally, refunds are only possible by illness or injury (with doctor's note). But, we do have a variety of offers (introduction course, extending courses, etc.), which reduce the "risks" for you. Should something go wrong after all, you can always reschedule or change course within the offers of Ski School Fiss-Ladis.

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