Berta's Kinderland is one of the Alp's largest and most famous children's play paradise. The spacious facility offers many especially developed learning aides like coveyer belt lifts, a merry-go-round, practice lifts and other helpful learning tools. 
We have several different practice slopes with the right degree of inclination for each different learning level. 
There are several adventure attractions like the Indian village, Fisser Cave World, the Kids' Fun Park and the racetrack to complement Bertas Kinderland.

Fun & Action

The large premises at the Sonnenbahn lift mid-station offer lots of fun

  • 11 conveyor bands, practice button lift
  • Fairytale village
  • Kids' stage
  • Heated sitting room
  • Playground
  • Merry-go-round
  • Parents' patio
  • Wave run
  • Berta's snowmobile
  • Tubing run
  • Race run
  • Native American village
  • "Berta's Kinderplanet" restaurant
    for our ski-school children

Skiing with berta, the coolest cow

Berta, the world's coolest cow, provides fun and entertainment for a delighted young crowd. The Kids Center features a place to warm up cold toes, and lunch is served at the popular children's restaurant Bertas Kinderplanet. Parents are welcome to watch their children from the Sonnenburg parent sun patio, either "live" or on TV. Of youre there is also WiFi access throughout Bertas Kinderland. 


Alle Kurs-Angebote für die ganze Familie schnell und einfach vor der Anreise bestellen.

Chaperone Ticket to Berta's Kinderland

Chaperone ticket to Kinderland
1 day
€ 9,30
3 days
€ 20,30
4 days
€ 25,70
5 days
€ 31,00
6 days
€ 35,30

Use of the Sonnenbahn lift to Berta's Kinderland for chaperones w/o ski equipment.

Wetterbericht für Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis

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