The initiation of the ski school entity was in the year 1912 in the health resort Obladis. From this point the first ski tours to the Komperdell-area in Serfaus were undertaken. At the beginning of the 30s in Serfaus at the Kölnerhaus the first ski school was formed. About 20 years later Alois Wachter und Karl Röck founded in 1954 the first ski school in Fiss. In addition there was a ski school in Ladis. They had about 30 ski instructors during the main season, due to the immense amount of guest in the wellness resort in Obladis. In the year 1967 was a great upturn of the Ski School Fiss, because of the construction of the Möseralmbahn. The growing importance of the ski instructors in Fiss led to a uniform ski suit in the year 1967. At the beginning of the 80s a ski school office and the first area for children were built. 1992 was a critical turning point of the Ski School Fiss. Beside the existing ski school was second one, Ski Pro Fiss. After three years the Ski School Fiss and the Ski Pro Fiss joined to the still existing Ski School Fiss. The next milestone was to take over the Ski School Ladis in 2003.
Today the Ski School Fiss-Ladis has approximately 170 permanent ski instructors and about 300 employees during the main season.

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Weather report for Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis